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By now, being game of thrones fan, you would have most probably watched game of thrones final season. If so, are you satisfied with ending script and acting? Acting won’t be an issue as almost all of the characters performed the best as we have watched in past all seasons.

So, what would have gone wrong? Why people are bullshitting social media with worst GOT ending cases? What could be there to make it the best ending? Is game of throne season got justice at the end?

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Here are some best GOT ending according to fans:

Case 1

The Final adversary is vanquished. Either Cersei or The Night King. Daenerys passed away while bringing forth her tyke and lives a minute with Jorah simply like Lyanna lived with Ned. Jon is still in the story. He makes all the difference. Be that as it may, there are not many ones remaining. The Westeros is Shared by the rest of the general population. Tyrion takes Casterly Rock, Bronn takes Twins, Bran weds with Meera Reed and takes Winterfell, Arya weds with Gendry and moves to Storm’s End and We see Jon on the Iron Throne with his youngster on his knee and Sansa close by. Winterfall is now live again. Jon names his youngster either Lyanna or Eddard. Jon goes to Crypts of Winterfell. At that point Looks at Lyanna’s. Jon sits close to Lyanna’s Crypt and sits his kid on his knee. What’s more, Starts to play the Arp of Rheagar. As he plays, tears gradually descend. The camera zooms to his face gradually. At that point Fades to dark for a few moments. George R. R. Martin appears as Old Sam. Wrapping up the book so anyone can hear to his son/grandson on his knee. Sam shuts the Book. And after that the camera zooms to the Book’s Title. Its title is either Game of Thrones or A Song Of Ice and Fire. At that point, the camera fades to black one final time and Credit Rolls.

Case 2

Cersei explodes the red keep and iron position of royalty when it’s reasonable she won’t most likely keep it with the goal that nobody can have it so that executes numerous individuals and she attempts to outline it as Dany’s winged serpents having done it to turn individuals against Dany. This implies after all the battling, no one gets the opportunity to sit on the iron honored position and everyone has lost which is topical for the show.

Jaime executes Cercei to keep her from slaughtering more individuals. This finishes the account circular segment of the two characters. Maybe significantly increasingly wonderful if Jaime does as such by driving her out of a window with a “the things I accomplish for adoration” minute. Focuses to the authors on the off chance that he can say the expression “the things I accomplish for affection” so that the importance is recontextualized to demonstrate Jaime’s character development.

Daenerys won’t tune in to Jon and proceeds with some battle which winds up getting Jon slaughtered, however Dany gets the position of royalty. She understands she doesn’t need it any longer. Alter: scene 4 is moving more into the “Frantic Queen” an area. Dany goes insane, much the same as her dad, thus she needs beyond words John gets the chance to be top dog. I was additionally irritated that the undeniable arrangement is “Dany and Jon get hitched and everybody is glad.” Much like they had a character notice “yet how are we going to nourish these armed forces” and afterward never really responded to that question, they had a character ask, “imagine a scenario in which we had Jon and Dany get hitched and rule together” and after that they didn’t generally satisfyingly answer the inquiry yet I feel that is all the affirmation we’re going to see from the show about this probability.

Case 3

  • Bran sorcery to breathe life into all the White Walkers back to how they ordinarily were before getting to be White Walkers. This incorporates characters executed in the White Walker fight, for example, Jorah and Theon.
  • Daenerys feels regretful over slaughtering all the blameless individuals at King’s Landing. She chooses to take off on her mythical serpent to a remote area in the mountains to experience an incredible remainder, so she and her monsters will never hurt anybody again. After Bran breathes life into Jorah back with enchantment, Jorah joins his genuine affection Daenerys in the mountains to help her through her anguish over what she did.
  • Tyrion winds up taking the Iron Throne. He is the canniest out of the considerable number of characters, would be the best head, treats everybody reasonably and similarly, and truly thinks about the prosperity of the general population. He was certainly the most proper ruler out of the Lannister family, yet his dad never allowed him to satisfy his maximum capacity.
  • Jaime and Brienne live joyfully ever after.
  • Khal Drogo returns to life to rejoin Daenerys. It was frustrating that Khal Drogo character was murdered from the get-go in the arrangement.
  • Sansa sees what a decent man Tyrion truly is and allows him another opportunity.
  • Gendry chooses to go on experiences with Arya instead of look for a conventional life.
  • Jon Snow takes the Iron Throne. Jon is the legitimate beneficiary. He is a standout amongst the best heads of the existing characters. He really thinks about the prosperity of the considerable number of individuals of the seven kingdoms and could never do anything as Daenerys did flying on her monsters murdering all the blameless individuals even after the ringer was rung. After Jon takes the Iron Throne, he keeps up harmony in every one of the kingdoms driving close by his kin. He chooses Sansa as his lord’s hand. Everyone lives happy together.

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